Are ghosts really people who exist in a separate dimension? Can a separate dimension exist?

In the general population, the question as to whether ghosts exist is one that often sharply divides people. And then there are others who are simply in the middle of the vehement believers and disbelievers and admit that they do not know. For people who either believe in ghosts or who are open to the possibility that they may exist, however, there are many possible theories as to what ghosts actually are.

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Many people believe that ghosts are the spirits of the recently (or, sometimes, not so recently) deceased, who have not made the transition from the world of the living to the world of the dead. The majority of the time, the reason they are caught in this world is often because their deaths resulted from tragic circumstances, or some traumatic event in their lives have caused them to have business in the earthly realm that requires settling. It is often believed that the people who remain on earth as ghosts do not know they are deceased, and they often haunt the places of their death regularly and engage with the living who visit or reside in those places.

Other manifestations of ghosts occur as mere apparitions or audible residual energy. These apparitions are images of an individual that appear in significant places in the deceased’s life. The living may hear someone laughing or crying in an empty home or building, or footsteps going up and down stairs, even though no one is there to make these sounds. The main difference between these types of ghosts and the previously mentioned type is that they do not engage with the living who may inhabit or frequent areas affected by these energies.

Poltergeists are other forms of ghosts that interact with living people in a harmful or malevolent way. Typically people experience destruction or loss of their property when their homes are haunted by poltergeists, or they may even find that the poltergeists physically harm them like scratching their skin or pulling their hair.

But if these ghosts are real, where do they ultimately come from? Many people believe they could be from some other dimension of existence. Throughout history there has been some evidence that this other dimension exists. Places such as the Bermuda Triangle, for instance, have been known as an area where many disappearances and bizarre events have occurred. These include both strange ship and aircraft disappearances. However, the Bermuda Triangle is not the only place on the planet that has this reputation.

The Bass Strait Triangle in Australia is the area of ocean water between the states of Victoria and Tasmania. It is known for the disappearance of more than a dozen ships from the mid 1800s to the mid 1900s.There have also been many reports of disappearances regarding aircraft flying in the area. Another area known for its strange events is the Michigan Triangle in the central part of Lake Michigan. The points of the triangle are Benton Harbor, Michigan, Manitowoc, Wisconsin, and Ludington, Michigan on the coast. Here there have been many different reports of disappearances, odd creature sightings, and experiences of time slowing down or standing still.

These spots in the world are not the only possible portals to another dimension. It is possible that there are many other doorways to this other dimension, though if ghosts haunt us they may need to be helped to find these portals so that they may cross over to it. There are scientists who have come to believe that there may as many as ten higher dimensions than the third dimension in which we currently live. In these dimensions, it may be that those who reside in them would cease to see time as a linear concept. It is also possible that superstring theory can provide some interesting possibilities as far as the existence of other dimensions. According to this theory, the universe is held together by strings that vibrate at different frequencies. It is possible that the higher dimensions exist, but because they vibrate at frequencies that we cannot perceive, during our mundane existence we do not typically know or think they exist. However, the strange events that occur all over the world, and the reports of ghost haunting combined with intense scientific curiosity, may mean that there may be discoveries yet of entirely new planes of being.